There is no doubt whatsoever that the best printed labels come from the more modern label converters. But there are a lot of different label converters available in the market nowadays to perform many different tasks.

There are some label converters called “thermal” that use a heat-based technology to produce labels. The only problem with this type of label converters is that the label converters print labels that last only for a year or so and therefore they need to be reprinted and replaced frequently. This is more than okay for certain sorts of uses where the label converters are not required to create everlasting labels. Yet, that is not the case always. Certain companies require label converters to print labels that last more than twelve months or they may require their label converters for more specific uses like for printing waterproof labels or labels that require specific colour application techniques such as layering.

Thermal transfer is another type of technology used by label converters these days. Label converters that are capable of using thermal transfer technology are usually capable of producing direct thermal printed material too. This process is very important to many different companies that employ their label converters to create tags and all other sort of printed material that is required to last for moderate to long periods of time. And although the thermal transfer technique may be considered a permanent process, labels printed by label converters using this technology are still subject to damage by normal causes such as erosion, strong sunlight or dampening. Therefore, labels printed with those label converters may not fade on the long run but may need to be replaced anyway for some other factors.

It is quite clear that label converters that use thermal transfer technology are pretty different equipments compared to the label converters that are only capable of producing labels by the direct transfer method. The label converters in each case require different raw materials as well as different replacement parts.

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