The two most frequently bought and used barcode scanners are the pen-style and the laser-style barcode scanners. Both have strengths and weakness and each scanner is best used in some situations. This article will review both models of barcode scanners and discuss which is the best solution for your business needs.

Pen barcode scanners are small, durable and inexpensive. There are no moving parts in the pen model barcode scanners, only a light source and a reader for the reflection of the light off of the barcode labels. These barcode scanners are so named for the resemblance of the wands used to the shape of a pen. A person must angle the pen barcode scanners correctly and drag the tip against the barcode labels in order to read the information. This can be tedious for the worker and can eventually lead to the smudging and destruction of the product labels. Pen style scanners are the least costly of all the barcode scanners and should be considered when saving money is of utmost importance.

Laser barcode scanners are the most popular scanners currently used. Although laser scanners work the same way as pen scanners, they are more popular than the pen barcode scanners because they provide a larger range and do not require as much particular detail to the scanning process. Laser barcode scanners can be hand-held or stationary and can read labels from as far as 20 inches away. Most checkout barcode readers are modelled after the laser style. Laser barcode scanners are more expensive than their pen-style counterparts, however many models are still highly affordable and well worth the price for its much easier operation

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