There are many types of self-adhesive labels. Not all types are suitable for all uses. If you are looking for labels, you will need to be sure to select the right kind of adhesive for your needs. Toward that end, you should study the various types of self-adhesive labels.

Let’s begin by reviewing the permanent self adhesive labels. These labels are used when one plans to put a label in place and does not foresee an eventual need for the label’s removal. Unless one wants to yank, scrape and scrub with solvent, permanent self-adhesive labels will remain in place.

This is a reasonable choice when labels are to be applied to throwaway packaging or when the label features instructions or safety warnings that should always appear on the project. If one does try to remove the label, it is virtually impossible to do so without somehow visibly damaging its stock. Permanent self-adhesive labels really are permanent!

Although permanent self-adhesive labels stay affixed forever, they are the least expensive labels to produce. They are somewhat one-dimensional, but they are cheap! In fact, they can be considerably cheaper than other options.

Permanent labels don’t offer much flexibility, but they are a definite mainstay of the label world. If you have a labelling job that requires permanence at a low price, you may want to consider permanent self-adhesive labels.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of self-adhesive label. With permanent labels, you get longevity and costs savings, but sacrifice flexibility. Depending on your specific needs, permanent solutions may be the best possible decision.

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