Plain labels
can go many different places, but one of the main places you seem to see them is on the growing number of compact disks, along with the rare floppy disk, which are steadily decreasing in number. Most USB ports are not large enough to support plain labels, but some people do like finding smaller sized plain labels, in order to adequately mark their property, though many people actually etch their name in the product itself instead of using plain labels. Many old-fashioned products have lost their viability in the growing market of technology, but one thing that is growing alongside the technology world, is the need to have things adequately labelled with plain labels. The growth of technology insinuates the growth of information, which also leads to the growth of information carrying devices, which usually have the need to be labelled with plain labels, so that those who have more than just one zip drive, or other kind of device, can easily locate their personal property because of plain labels.

Labelling something with plain labels does not mean that it cannot be stolen or lost, but it does protect against the property being shoved aside, and also gives more honourable people the chance to locate the owner should the property become lost. Technology can often be quite complicated for the consumer, and it seems that the use of plain labels on such items can adequately assist the user in finding exactly what they want. The problem with technology is that so much information is created, and then stored, but is not properly designated. Plain labels fight against that, and make the process of finding various types of information much easier. No variety of plain labels is fool proof, but that does not mean that the plain labels are obsolete. So long as there are as many possessions in the future, as there are now, there will always be a growing need for property designation by plain labels, and that is where the plain labels adequately find their place among other products. Plain labels have cut their niche in society.

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