Plain labels
can be defined as that type of labelling material that has no design or specific colour-pattern whatsoever. In fact plain labels are exactly that: plain labels. Plain labels can be adhered to most surfaces and information can be written on them usually with pens or other writing material, but besides that plain labels are not particularly easy to describe or remember. Nevertheless, plain labels are very useful for lots of different tasks and endeavours.

Plain labels have thousands of uses in warehouses for example. In warehouses plain labels can be used to categorize spare parts or raw materials, or they can be simply employed to signal where certain thing must be placed. Plain labels can also be employed to name temporal areas, distribute particular amounts of certain things (by hundredths or thousandths for example) and even to mark certain areas where people should not be accessing.

Plain labels are very handy in warehouses and are a basic thing for something that is always part of any warehouse around the world: inventory processes. Without plain labels to mark inventoried areas, the inventory process will simply never end. Plain labels are usually distributed among the people that do the inventory and once they finish counting products on particular areas they place a plain label there, writing the current date and putting their signature on the plain label. That way everyone will know that that area has been already inventoried.

Another important use that plain labels find in most big warehouses around the world is a very basic yet practical thing: identifying particular objects of every worker. Most operators mark their stuff (helmets, visors, boots or even gloves) using plain labels. That way they can identify them in order to avoid their stuff getting mixed up during lunch or recess time.

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