With more than 100 printing and label converting options available Arsoma can create presses for the most stringent, versatile and demanding label and narrow web applications.

There can be few label converters today that have not felt some of the impact of major changes that have been taking place in the buying of labels in recent years. More buying power concentrated in fewer, larger groups, the battle between own brand and private brands labels, the move to shorter and shorter run lengths, a requirement for more production flexibility and perhaps above all a growing demand for labels to become more clever or intelligent in attracting customers through innovative marketing solutions.

Major retail groups too, have all introduced loyalty card systems and have ever more data on customers; what they spend their money one, when they shop, how much they spend, whether they are attracted by special offers and the impact of new and increasingly clever marketing initiatives. They are now looking to use that data to increase sales still further, with the label becoming part of the marketing tools available to them.

Today, the leading buying groups all expect their label suppliers to be more flexible, more reactive, more versatile, more innovative and more intelligent in the way they service their accounts – and if you can’t provide this new level of customer service you may well find yourself at the wrong end of profitability, with lost accounts and sluggish sales growth.

As a consequence, investing in new label production technology - and even in new sales, marketing and creative personnel – becomes ever more difficult. To provide clever and creative solutions to label buyers requires clever and creative staff, and clever and creative presses and finishing equipment to produce the labels on.

Certainly buying a new press is no longer about ordering just another standard production unit, which any competitors can also do. No, it’s more likely to be about sitting down with a press manufacturer, ink maker, materials suppliers, etc, and the customer himself, and designing or creating a clever one-off press that will add higher added-value, innovative capabilities and intelligent solutions. The press manufacturers that can best adapt to such challenges are undoubtedly amongst the most successful in the market place. Manufacturers such as Arsoma Druckmaschinen GmbH.

Within the Gallus Group – currently the most successful label press manufacturing group in Europe – Arsoma has developed an almost unrivalled reputation for building bespoke converting lines to customers’ specific requirements. Converting lines that can be uniquely put together in a creative and versatile way from more than 100 different modular options that the company has designed and developed to solve virtually any printing, converting and finishing requirement.

‘Of the 70 or so presses that we build at Arsoma each year I do not think that there are ever two that are exactly the same’, explained Jurgen Besgen, managing director of Arsoma. ‘And that’s not just the many presses we build for roll-label self adhesive production but also machines for manufacturing reel-to-stack wet-glue labels, in-mould labels, wrap-around film labels and sleeve labels, as well as presses for folding cartons, blister packs and flexible packaging – and any of which could be purchased by some of our key account label group customers.’

Such has been the success of Arsoma in recent years they can boast a

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