There are many different label designing programs to choose from when looking to create printed labels. These programs are constructed and geared toward catering to either individuals or businesses in accordance with ones needs. Often times many of these programs are the same in so far as basic functions; however, those software programs which are marketed toward business usage are a considerable amount more expensive given the fact that they enable users to create bar code and RFID labels while providing networking capabilities.

In the sphere of individual label making perhaps the most popular software program used to design and create printed labels is Dataland Software’s CD Label Designer. Although most individuals use this program to make printed labels for compact discs, this software is multi-functional program that also enables users to design and create printed labels that can be used as stickers, CD labels, business cards, custom sized booklets, flyers, and signs and even postcards! Perhaps the biggest selling point of this program is that it is extremely affordable; furthermore, Dataland Softwares CD Label Designer is immensely popular among users because it enables individuals to simultaneously format and alter font sizes during any point of the printing process.

Another very popular software that individuals may use to create printed labels is Apache Tomcat 5.0. This program is much more diverse and efficient than Dataland Software’s CD Label Designer as it enables users to create personal and professional labels by using over 40 different labeling formats that are offered by office supply stores and Avery templates; furthermore, Apache Tomcat’s 5.0 software enables users to create professional labels including bar code and RFID labels. Perhaps the characteristic which makes the Apache Tomcat 5.0 so popular among individual users is the fact that it enables users to link up with external databases - an option normally unavailable in individual programs and only found in those programs toward high volume business.

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