The market of printed labels has increased a lot in the last few years. Thanks to the increasing demand of products and services from countries like India, Russia, China, Brazil and other emerging nations, the printed labels market has gone through a surge in sales; in some areas the printed labels market has grown as much as 20% per year!

So, why printed labels are so popular? One of the main reasons is that printed labels have become extremely cheap. Before all this rush in the global market, printed labels machines and printed labels supplies weren’t affordable for many small businesses. In those cases they had to look for printed labels among local providers. Even then the service was expensive and slow.

Fortunately, everything began to change in the 1990’s. As the economy began to integrate itself at never-seen-before levels, the juggernauts and behemoths of Asia (China and India), began to offer products of high quality at a very low price. The revolution had begun and it also reached the printed labels market.

Another reason for the popularity of printed labels is their versatility. Today printed labels include a series of properties that weren't found among their ancestors a decade ago. For example, printed labels may include holograms for security purposes. Another example on the advances of printed labels technology is printed labels with RFID chips. That is the magic of printed labels. They can adapt very easily to new technologies and new developments in materials.

Additionally, printed labels are very easy to use. Applying them is very quickly. You don’t need a person to do it, the only thing that you need is a labeller. This machine will be able to label thousands of products per day with little or no supervision. Imagine that! You can't get more efficient than that.

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