Other than thermal printers, there are also some more traditional units, which are known to be quite effective in the production of the printed label. The normal, desktop printers are known to be quite efficient in producing the printed label, but are not suggested to be used for a mass production of such material, especially since the desktop printers usually are prone to smudge, and sometimes cannot print on the durable material needed for some printed labels. Label converters are another means of producing a printed label, but are not suggested unless one is very serious about printing a high supply of labels. These label converters are very efficient pieces of equipment, and can produce high numbers of labels in small amounts of time, but the cost for such equipment is quite high, and this option should only be considered for an operation that can sell enough versions of a printed label to adequately pay for all materials.

Another kind of label printer is relatively small and is used in retail stores for efficient printed label use, mainly for pricing and inventory. These printers are usually hooked up to a small computing unit, usually handheld, that can send the desired information to the printer, in hopes of producing a quality printed label. These label printers are not cheap either, but are usually made of high quality materials, and tend to be a more viable option for consumers wishing to produce labels without paying an arm and a leg. There are also many software programs that tend to enhance the printed label, and leave the decisions up to the consumer, not the machine. These programs are known to be quite complex now, which is an advantage to the consumer, when the older programs used to be so simple, and could not compare to the label converters.

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