Companies around the world have embraced the latest in information technology: Enterprise Resource Planning software, also known as ERPs. The big question, though, is what is the relation between printed labels and an ERP? Actually, printed labels and this software package are going to become much related in these years.

For it is the time of printed labels with RFID technology. With Radio Frequency Identification a system can detect how many items exist in a warehouse. Since every item uses printed labels, then it is pretty easy to count all the stock within an inventory. That way, printed labels and RFID chips replace manual procedures.

However, that still doesn’t answer the relation between printed labels and ERP software. Actually, the relation between printed labels and ERP is quite simple. The intention of ERP software is to provide information on all the areas of a company: Logistics, Finance and Marketing among others.

That means that all the products in the inventory, marked with their own printed labels, are being reported in the ERP of the organization. Hence, everyone knows how much stock exists. Let’s imagine an example in this relation between printed labels, ERP and RFID technology.

Let’s say that we make filters. Each one of these filters utilizes printed labels with RFID technology. That means that the Sales department knows exactly how much it can sell thanks to printed labels.

On the other hand, Logistics can use the printed labels to know which products have a high demand and which don’t. Additionally, Manufacturing utilizes the information provided by the printed labels for estimating how much filters they need to make. Finally, Planning uses the data provided by printed labels to determine which products have become more popular. This integration between printed labels, ERP software and RFID will revolutionize our world.

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