Printed labels
can be a useful business tool. You can get pre-printed
self-adhesive address labels to stick onto your catalogues and letters to
give your customers the advantage of being able to find your address to
order from your catalogues easily and to get your name and brand image in front of your customers. They are a cheap and easy way of saving time and effort and look more professional than hand written labels.

You can use printed labels for mailing labels, packaging, or sell sheets.
You can choose from many different colours including metallic gold, metallic silver, safety orange, white gloss, or white matte, different shapes including rectangles, ovals, squares, circles, and bursts and choose the ink colours from black, red, brown, royal blue, reflex blue, or green.

Customise your printed labels with your logo or with pictures. For private use you can put your own photographs or graphics on your printed labels.

Change your design for different times of year; get a Christmas picture or different designs depending on your mood. Printed labels can come in various sizes and formats. You can have them on a roll or on sheets and can vary in size from small labels to put on envelopes for your personal letters or on larger labels for bigger envelopes.

You can design and order your printed labels on line with the help of
specialist software available on the printers’ websites. You can use your
labels to add a distinctive touch to your correspondence or to identify
books, CDs and other personal items.

You can print your own labels using an ink jet or laser printer so that you can design your own labels or use mail merge to print off labels for your mail shots and customer letters.


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Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC IOP

Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC/IOP - the global standard for packaging and packaging materials - and as SEDEX members Etiquette supports sustainable and ethical supply chains.