So you’ve spent quite a few man hours having your company logo designed. The painters finally finished applying your company name and logo to the door of your office suite, and you feel like your ready to face the world. Chances are though; you’ve forgotten an important detail in your corporate relations with your clients. One of the first things your clients will come in contact is the printed labels on your products or letterhead. Also, these printed labels will be seen over and over again. Isn’t it a good idea to make sure that a portion of your advertising dollar is spent on this important client relation tool?

When you first decide to make your printed labels an integral part of your advertising scheme, there are a few key ideas that you should consider. The first is to consider using a form of your logo for the printed label that is easily produced on a number of different surfaces. Printed labels can be made on everything from notebook paper to cotton fabric, to even satin. Be sure to keep that in mind while you think of how you want your printed label to look.

Another thing to consider when designing a printed label is what kind of lettering you want to use, and what idea you want to present. If you want to present an idea of stability and strength, consider using block letters for your printed label. Or would your company be better served by having your client think of you as a sophisticated outfit? If that's the case, consider printed labels with a more script-like writing.

These are just a few of the different ideas that you as a business manager should consider when thinking about how you want your advertising dollars to work for you. When it comes to getting the most for your dollars, printed labels should be a welcomed asset to your collection.

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