Printed labels
are available for a variety of different uses. Those who think of printed labels as being nothing more than sheets of paper are missing out on many great innovations in the field. Let us look at a few of the different printed label options gaining in popularity today.

First, decorative labels are gaining steam. A radical departure from the “plain Jane” black and white labels of the past, decorative printed labels can come in any hue and may feature special effects like embossing or holographic imaging. Foil-based printed labels are very attractive and can add a touch of class to any project.

Second, printed labels do not have to be on paper anymore! Did you know that label professionals are making attractive plastic labels? Labels are also being printed on thin metals and even on certain cloths.

Third, specialty printed labels are hot sellers. This category of labels includes everything from barcode labels for easy price scanning to high-tech RFID and smart labels. There are specialty printed labels designed to insure regulatory compliance and labels made with special durability through inhospitable conditions in mind. These context-specific labels represent one of the fastest growing parts of the label markets.

Labels come in all shapes, sizes and forms these days. Anyone who thinks of labels as being nothing more than paper and glue has an outmoded perspective on the industry. Today’s printed labels are quite flexible and take a variety of forms. If you have any conceivable label use, the odds are that a pro labeller can produce a perfect printed label to meet your unique needs.

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