Obviously, there is a variety of situations where one must use a printed label. For instance, a handwritten label would not make a great deal of sense as a price sticker on a 100,000 piece run of a product. However, there are some cases where a handwritten label might be just fine.

Although most commonly encountered labelling needs warrant printed labels, there are a few exceptions that could justify a written alternative.

Many marketers suggest that the use of handwriting in direct mail materials is an effective way of grabbing consumer attention. Often, this goal is accomplished by printing something that appears to be handwritten. Today’s consumers are, by and large, wise to this trick. However, one could use a blank handwritten label and actually create that personal feel. It would not be a great solution for those dealing in a large volume mailing, but for other is could be perfect.

If you use labels very rarely but for a variety of different tasks, handwritten labels may be a better idea than printed labels. These circumstances usually only hold true for those who have very small labelling needs.

One may also want to eschew printed labels only under certain circumstances. For instance, a company may use carefully crafted printed labels on its products. However, if there was a printing error on a non-consumer item, someone in the field could quickly make a handwritten correction, which may be the most efficient thing to do.

Printed labels are the king! They find their way onto almost every envelope and many other places. Nonetheless, there still is some room for the “old-school” handwritten label to say on the market.

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