To understand the purpose of a label converter, we must know what a label is. Labels are adhesive tags used to mark an item in order to give information about it or to code it, much like bar codes or price tags.

What is a label converter then? A label converter is an industrial machine that produces, cuts, shapes, re-shapes, paints, and modifies labels in any way. Labels produced by a label converter are ready to be used. The main purpose of a label converter is therefore to create different sort of labels.

As in the case of any production machinery, size does matter in a label converter. A small label converter produces simple labels at a lower production rate, and it can be used for bar-coding, addressing, pricing and others uses. On the other hand, a larger - usually modular - label converter has many other options available such as in-line conversion, waste matrix rewinding options or label perforation and die-cutting abilities. A large label converter produces stocks in many different types of presentations such as roll to roll, roll to sheet and roll to zigzag; while a small sized label converter has less options regarding finished product presentation.

A label converter can produce many different kinds of labels. For example, there are label converter machines that are ideal for paper labels, blank labels, colour coded labels, permanent labels, removable labels, water labels,
self-adhesive labels, transparent labels or custom labels. In contrast, label converter machines can be categorized by their uses such as those used to create danger/caution labels, inventory labels, mail labels, CD/DVD labels, pipe labels, pricing labels, quality control labels, container labels, warehouse labels or cargo labels to name a few.

A specialized label converter can also produce a special kind of label called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. Tags produced by this label converter can be identified not only by reading it or scanning it with an infrared sensor, but they are easily identified by radio frequency identification equipment.

The right label converter can give you exactly what you need, and much more. So just think about what kind of label your business needs and ask a label converter company for it. The usage possibilities of a label converter are limitless.

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