If you have decided to outsource your label needs to a professional label manufacturer, you should ask a few questions before confirming your order. Getting answers to these questions will give you piece of mind and will provide you with information that will be valuable to your planning.


Ask if the label manufacturer offers a guarantee, and is so, the terms of that guarantee. Often, a label manufacturer will offer an unconditional guarantee regarding the quality of the order and the satisfaction of the customer. In other cases, the guarantee may have some limitations. It’s a good idea to understand what, if any, protections you will be offered.


Optimally, your label manufacturer will provide you with a proof copy of your label prior to beginning printing. This will give you an opportunity to review the label before it goes into production. Ask your label manufacturer when a proof will be available and whether or not they can assure you the final product will emulate the proof exactly.


Although it would seem obvious to know when to expect your finished labels, many customers fail to pin down an exact delivery date from their label manufacturer. Be sure to ask your label producer when the order will go into production, how long it will take to complete, and when you can expect final delivery of your labels. A professional label manufacturer should be able to provide you with accurate answers to all of those queries.

Ordering labels from a top-notch label manufacturer can make life easier, but it is wise to ask a few pointed questions of the producer prior to finalizing your label purchase. Newcomers to the label world occasionally neglect to ask these questions, and the result of that oversight can be a great deal of frustration.

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