A general-purpose removable adhesive that will perform on a wide range of face materials has been developed by Avery Dennison.

Removability is an often-specified feature in a self adhesive labelstock, but it can mean low adhesion levels, difficult conversion, label pre-dispensing, and even staining on the label face.

Fasson R5000 is an emulsion acrylic adhesive – a formulation which gives good, clean, die cutting and reel-to-reel conversion speeds up to 140. per minute using conventional print processes, says Avery Denisson Fasson Roll Europe.

Matrix stripping – even when heat is involved – is claimed to be excellent, and machine downtime and waste are therefore minimised. Adhesive ‘bleed’ is very low, and the manufacturer says its UV resistance outperforms that of other acrylic emulsion removables.

On the packaging line or in the warehouse or factory, labels with Fasson R5000 offer removability up to one year, and will not cause unattractive staining of the label face material on most day-to-day application substrates.

Handling characteristic are the same whether labels are applied automatically or in print-and-apply systems. R5000 will stick to a broad range of materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastics packaging films, HDPE, stainless steel, and polycarbonates. Its good initial tack and adhesion makes it suitable for a variety of applications from labels on glassware, shoes and household goods, to laboratory labels, product tracking, box end labels, temporary pallet labelling, ‘special offer’ labelling in retail stores, and office labels.

Fasson R5000 has also gained BgWW approval for indirect food contact (direct contact with label edges allowed), so it is also suitable for prepacked foods. Fasson R5000 complements the three speciality removable adhesive Fasson R100, Fasson R800, and Fasson UR 400.


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