Barcode labels
came into being as a solution to lengthy checkout times in grocery stores. Since its commercial introduction in the 1970s, barcode labels and scanners have become critical pieces of equipment to every industry, with retailers right on top of the list. Little comes in or goes out of a retail store without being tracked by a barcode label of some sort. This includes not only items for sale, but also employees punching in for works and credit, debit, or gift cards being used for payment.

As an integral part of the checkout process, barcode labels identify each product in the store. When scanned at the register, the barcode label brings up information about the product including description, department and most importantly price. Anyone who has gotten stuck at a cashier with an item lacking a barcode label will know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to wait for a "Price Check".

Since every product in a retail store carries a barcode label, stores naturally have set up a system to use the barcode labels for tracking inventory. The use of barcode labels has made the inventory process much quicker and easier since it can be done in only a few hours and usually during store hours rather than having to shut down business. Just another example of barcode labels saving businesses money.

Employees of retail stores are often given ID cards with magnetized versions of barcode labels that they use to swipe when starting or completing a shift. This barcode label system is definitely an improvement over the old punch card system since it is more reliable and the barcode label cards are more durable. A similar system is used to swipe credit card payments. Although no barcode label is present, the technology behind the system is the same.

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