Although the latest fad in the label converter market is RFID, it isn’t the only technological advancement in the field. After all, a label converter, as any other machine, can always be improved.

Due to the strong competition that exists in the label converter market, producers of label converter systems are always looking for new ways to improve their machines. Among the many innovators in the field of label converter machines, India has become one of its most important developers. Due to its cheap labour cost and the huge advances they have made regarding their know-how, this country has become a heaven for the label converter industry.

One of the most interesting advancements in label converter technology is the amount of labels that these machines can make. Nowadays a label converter can create millions of labels per month, satisfying the needs of any major retailer or manufacturer.

Another breakthrough has been in noise reduction. Can you imagine the size of a label converter that creates millions of labels? It sounds like it must be huge. And what about the noise produced by a gigantic label converter? It should be as big as the machine. Luckily, thanks to the latest advancements, the newest label converter systems are quite noiseless compared to those made just a decade ago.

However, China is also disputing an important share of the label converter industry. After all, they also possess cheap labour, good know-how regarding the label converter market and a communication infrastructure that few other emerging economies possess.

Does that mean that one of these giants is going to win the complete control of the label converter market? Quite improbable; after all, each one of these countries possesses unique advantages of their own. Additionally, there are a lot of kinds of clients in the label converter industry. They may prefer to work with Indian, Chinese or any other label converter company in the world due to many different facts.

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