A labelling company have won a contract for the supply of four labelling systems to Halwani Bros and one system to Gandour (Al-Jazra Food Co), who are major food manufacturers in Jeddah, through their agents Zultec Saudi Arabia, who have offers in Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Khobar.

The contract comprised combinations of stainless steel mobile conveyor units, to IP65 standard, complete with overhead and side mounted applicators, also short overhead stabilising belts to facilitate wrapround and tamper proof labelling of variously sized and shaped glass bottles and labels containing preserves and cheese products, as well as plastic Halawa containers, Rotary turntables for labelled product batching were incorporated into the installations.

The PHL 80 labelling system, fitted with static eliminators, was supplied to label plastic fruit juice containers using PE labels.

PLS designs facilitate the application of a wide variety of self adhesive labels to a multitude of pack shapes, sizes and materials and are used extensively to meet both standalone and on-line production needs, with combinations of overhead, side and underside applicator mounting, also multi-face and corner labelling of cartons and pallets.

The growing complexity of warehouse/distribution logistics calling for bar code scanning and networking with integrated management control systems is also well catered for, together with the stringent hygiene and environmental demands of the industry.

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