There are a number of types of self adhesive labels on the market today. These can be conveniently ordered online and shipped to your home office or business. Some of the more popular self adhesive labels for industry include warning labels that can be printed on various materials such as vinyl. These labels are usually laminated with a clear film to provide extra durability and strength.

Bright colours used on these labels such as red and yellow ensure adequate warning of danger zones and provide instant alerts to prevent unauthorized access to a protected or restricted area. Other types of self adhesive labels are known as rating labels, the ones that are generally found on the backs or sides of electrical or computer equipment. These labels provide information that may include the voltage, processor capability, model, and serial numbers, as well as fault instructions and temperature requirements of the equipment.

Self adhesive labels with bar coding can be ordered also. Most of these can be printed with the individual EAN retail and 39 codes, or with sequentially numbered bar codes. These labels are usually printed on white or light coloured paper for economy in large orders; however, they can be ordered on vinyl or polyester materials, as well. They are designed to stand alone or as a part of an overall label design, depending upon the needs of a particular business or industry. Many companies have a requirement for self adhesive labels with serial numbering. These can be produced for single component numbering, or on a continuous roll for categorizing large inventories of equipment.

They are extremely versatile and may be incorporated with bar coding and/or rating labels. Names of companies or manufacturers are often included either in front of or following the serial number, which is generally supplied with the lowest number first on the printed roll or sheet.

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