The field of self adhesive labels is very diverse. Self-adhesives come in all colours, sizes and forms. They are used for many different tasks. These labels have been part of product pricing projects, model airplanes and everything in between. The kind of self-adhesive label you need will be determined by exactly why you using it.

Let’s look at some of the common self-adhesive labels. There are basically three different kinds of self adhesive labels in widespread use today.

Permanent labels are used when one has absolutely no plan to remove or change the location of the current labels. Permanent self adhesives are cheap to produce and are very popular. They cannot be removed from most surfaces without damage.

Semi-permanent self-adhesive labels can be repositioned for a few days after initial application. Then, the glue hardens and the label becomes permanent. This is a great system for those who need a margin of error when it comes to actual application.

There are also removable self-adhesive labels. These are labels one could move on and off an item, or between items, as necessary. They stick well enough not to fall off during regular handling, but are easily tugged off without much hassle.

There are many kinds of self-adhesive labels and your decision regarding which to use will be based upon your circumstances and needs. Whether you go with permanent, semi permanent, or removable will depend upon many different factors and considerations unique to your business.

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