Self-adhesive labels
are stuck directly upon a product’s packaging (or the product itself). They can take one of two forms--all self-adhesive stickers eventually become permanent or remain removable (semi-permanent labels begin as removable and then “set.”).

Because these labels are applied directly, the area to which they will be adhered must be carefully analyzed. This allows one to make a better choice of adhesive for the particular area. This is especially critical in cases of removable self-adhesive labels, as one generally wants to avoid discoloration or another disadvantage.

Self-adhesive labels take many forms. They can be used to show the length or size of an item, imparting information. In many cases, self-adhesive labels are used for product instructions or warnings. Generally, permanent versions are used, to insure that the instructions are always readily available to the product’s user. They can be used as advertising or marketing aids in addition to their role as a relayer of information.

One of the most common uses for permanent and removable self-adhesive labels is as a fun toy item for children. Novelty stickers are used to decorate and children love to collect them. They are one of the most easily recognized forms of self-adhesive labels in action.

Post-it notes are a popular example of removable labelling. These self-adhesive labels usually feature excess paper to facilitate note writing and are in widespread use. They can be affixed to a variety of surfaces and are easily removed and relocated.

Small price stickers are another example of self-adhesive labelling. These are often applied directly to products in a retail environment in order to advise consumers of the prices of various items. They are probably the most frequently encountered type of self-adhesive labelling.

Self-adhesive labels are used in a variety of circumstances and come in a variety of forms! If you use labels, chances are you regularly use self-adhesive labels.

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