The idea of a self-adhesive label might sound great in the abstract, but what about trying to use a regular “sticker” when your product is manufactured in the heat and then subjected to freezing temperatures throughout its shelf life? There is no way a regular label could get the job done! The sticker would not adhere in the first place, and even if it did, it would not stay on!

That is all true. It would be hard to treat a product like that with a standard self-adhesive label. However, there are specialty labels available that will do the job. Let us examine a few of the specialty label types currently in use, to develop a stronger understanding of what they are and how they perform.

Food labelling is a perfect example. A sandwich label, for instance may have to be applied sensitively, so as not to crush the cellophane wrapped product. It might even be applied while the sandwich bread is warm. Then, it will go to a cold truck. It will get moved about until it hits a store cooler. It might be subject to a great deal of water during the process. Yet the label stays affixed and legible. That is because printers make such high-quality specialized self-adhesive labels.

There are many other examples. There are label produced that are designed to work effectively for a prolonged period of time in icy cold environments and some that still remain perfectly set even when the temperatures get high.

There are labels that you cannot remove. There are self-adhesive labels that you can remove and replace like “Post It” notes.

No matter what one’s needs, there is a self-adhesive label available to meet it. Whether you need a label for a run-of-the-mill project or one for a particular challenging and intense environment, label makers have you covered.

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