There are permanent self-adhesive labels that will not budge unless you break out the steel wool brush and a can of solvent. There are removal labels that work like post-it-notes, providing amazing flexibility.

Somewhere in between these two self-adhesive options is the semi-permanent label. The semi-permanent self-adhesive label first behaves like a removal label. You place it where you need it, and you can move it about at will.

After a few days, however, the semi-permanent label changes its composition. Suddenly, it begins to set hard and permanently affix itself to the object. Soon, it is the equivalent of a permanent label, complete locked into place.

Semi-permanent self-adhesive values have a great deal of value in their flexibility. You do not have to “get it right” the first time. In fact, you can make a series of adjustments at any time during the few days it takes for the adhesive on the back of the label to completely dry and set.

Semi-permanent labels are a forgiving way of tagging items that fall somewhere between permanent and fully temporary solutions. Although they cost a bit more than standard permanent self-adhesive labels, the margin of error allowed in their repositioning often makes up for the price differential.

If you are looking for a solid label, but fear making occasional (though understandable) errors, you may want to consider using semi-permanent self-adhesive labels. They do everything the popular permanent labels will, but will do so while giving you a chance to correct your mistakes.

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