can now order exactly the amount of self-adhesive labelstock they require – without having to make allowance for trim or waste – thanks to Exact, a new service launched by Fasson.

The programme has already been utilised by Glasgow based Label Graphics – with an estimated saving of 2,000 square metres of film on one job.

With the Exact service customers are no longer encumbered by the need to buy the full width of master rolls of self-adhesive materials. They order only the slit widths and liner quantity that they need, and therefore do not have to pay for excess material or ‘end rolls’.

Inventory savings come because there is no additional storage or tracking of trim rolls, or, indeed, the need to slit such rolls when a job is finally found for them. Because only materials for specific orders have to be held in stock, less storage space is needed – and of course less handling.

These were the elements that attracted Label Graphics to the programme. According to planning manager Scott Finlayson: ‘Our introduction to the Exact service coincided with the launch by PGM plc and Gates UK Ltd of Dumfriesshire of a new range of horse care products.

‘The range includes items such as horse shampoo, hoof oil and grooming spray – nine different products in all. These required 15 different types of label, spanning a variety of lengths and in widths varying from 42mm to 82mm.

‘The relatively short run, and the number of different shapes and sizes, made it an ideal subject for us to test the new programme.

‘I estimate that we would normally have had to buy three master rolls in three slit widths to enable us to complete the job. Under normal circumstances we would then have been left with the equivalent of a complete master roll. That’s around 2,000 square metres of premium-grade self-adhesive film that we’d have had to hold until a reprint or other suitable job came along.

‘As it was we bought only the two master rolls that we needed. There was no waste and we’ve saved on storage space and on handling. In fact, Exact has given us substantial savings all round.’

The customer’s criteria for the labelstock were that it should reflect the quality of their equine products and, when dropped in a muddy stable, be able to be wiped clean and still retain its looks.

Label Graphics chose Fasson’s FasRoll Primax film with S692 adhesive. Primax is a matt white film designed to give a ‘no-label’ look to opaque and pearlescent plastic containers. It provides optimum converting, automatic application and label performance, and its good dimensional stability makes it virtually shrink-free, ensuring a long service life.

The labels carry a distinctive horse’s head motif, and are printed in six colours – red and green plus process colours.

The Exact service is available for a number of popular FasRoll products including Fasson’s Primax and FasClear films.

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