Security labels
are a very smart and useful way to protect assets. When using security labels you make a small investment compared to all the money that can be saved knowing that all types of portable gear and devices such as calculators, PCs or books are protected with security labels. Security labels are quite useful then, as they protect your stuff without endangering it or affecting them in any way. Such is the magic of security labels!

But how do security labels work then? The way security labels function and are used is very simple indeed. At first glance, security labels look like any other normal labels, containing company information, assigned codes or maybe some other data. But the truth is that security labels are made up of special materials that make them very difficult to break or tear and also giving them special adhesive properties that makes removing security labels very difficult indeed. That way, is someone tries to tear out one or more security labels placed on a protected item they will only be able to rip small pieces out of them, always leaving an important part of the original security labels in place and making it evident to whom does the item in question belong to.

Security labels are commonly used to protect office equipment such as calculators or portable PCs and security labels are also very common in public libraries or schools were many security labels are used to protect books, musical instruments or even tools. Some people also decide to buy security labels to tag their personal items both as a mean of protection from common theft as to avoid loosing stuff by accidentally misplacing it.

As you can see, security labels have many different uses and are very useful these days were things tend to get ‘lost’ in a blink of an eye.

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