The ever present demand to cut per unit costs has seen the larger label converters companies investing in ever more specialized label converters that are capable of ever greater efficiency and versatility. These high end and very expensive label converters are very able to reduce the unit cost of a label, but these label converters are aimed primarily at the very large companies market.

These enormous and expensive label converters offer unparalleled efficiency and speed of production, but these label converters are not well suited to the needs of smaller companies, or companies that produce small runs of products. These high end label converters, although capable of a very low unit cost, will likely cost more to use for limited production runs.

The label converters market has essentially been segmented into two very diverse label converters segments serving two very distinct markets. The label converters giants have invested massive infrastructure funds into the latest technology, knowing that theses newest label converters will keep them competitive for the massive labelling needs of larger companies, for example beer companies. These label converters will be printing literally millions of almost identical labels, and the per unit cost is very low.

The other half of the market is using much cheaper label converters, and is aiming at the small to mid sized companies. Theses companies will often require label converters that can efficiently produce small and variant runs of labels. Theses label converters businesses tend to focus on the needs of their local region.

Label converters are more capable and efficient than ever before, and the newest label converters can produce a per unit cost that would have been unimaginable only a decade earlier. These massive label converters will not well serve the needs of small to mid sized production facilities. These companies will benefit more form using local label converters with smaller and more diverse printing capabilities.

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