Like a great many individuals we like to be mobile when working on a project, especially one as in depth as labelling shelves and products. Standalone label printers allow for the mobility a person needs when working on a lengthy projects. Label printers come in many models and choosing the model that works best for you is often a lengthy project
in itself.

Standalone label printers are not connected to a computer. These types of label printers work off of batteries, label tape, and ink. A convenience of standalone label printers is the cutter. Some computer label printers will not cut the tape; so not having to carry scissors with you is very helpful.

Standalone label printers have a variety of options like their computer counterparts. You can choose the font size and style, capital letters, bold, italics, and other features as well as import information from your computer if you have already designed labels prior to this project. Another advantage of standalone label printers is the lack of software. Standalone label printers are easy to use for all of your employees or your children helping you make mailing labels.

Standalone label printers also have LCD screens so you can see clearly what you have typed and how your label will print before you print it. Along with this technology come the lightweight label printers. These label printers are generally less than three pounds so the convenience of mobility is not lost with a heavy machine.

Label printers are convenient no matter the project. If you need a label printer for work with mobility your best product is a standalone label printer. Label printers are used for a variety of things from retail shelf labelling systems, barcode labels, mailing labels, CD
labels, and DVD labels. Being able to move around with your label printer will help you get the project completed in a timely fashion.

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