All chemicals sold to the public which are labelled ‘very toxic’, ‘toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must by law have a tactile danger warning label to alert the blind and partially sighted that they are handing a dangerous product. Such products also include any aerosol propelled by butane. These regulations have now been updated.

The warning symbol, usually a triangle, is produced by a special process to enable the mark to sit raised, above the label, like braille. The label material is usually transparent for the orange warning to show through.

According to Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997 the triangle must be equilateral with sides either 9mm (overall label size 13x 13mm) or 18mm (label size 20x20mm).

The new, revised Standard also permits a reduced size (with the triangle being completely filled) and a small, 3-dot symbol.

Dantech has now announced it will stock the larger tactile warning labels on rolls with 2,500 labels on a 40mm core. Other roll and core sizes are available to order, including special winding.

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