Highly decorative self adhesive labels – featuring a tactile warning triangle – have been produced by Sessions of York in the UK for the launch of Decosol’s Tip’n’Measure Screen Clean. The labels are printed in eight colours with a gold lacquer onto a silver metallised label stock.

The Tip’n’Measure bottle has just won a silver star in the Star Pack Awards. Decosol reports that it is also set to meet its first year’s sales target helped by positive trade and consumer reaction to the new label and bottle combination.

Sessions’ expertise includes printing these statutory symbols to allow application to curved or flexible pack surfaces without risk of cracking the symbol.

In the case of Tip’n’Measure Screen Clean, the triangle is transparent which provides a solution where on-pack space is limited. The tactile warning appears over a visual symbol without obscuring it.

Sessions prints the Decosol labels using combination processes; nine colour UV flexo and UV varnish plus UV screen for the tactile warning triangle.

As Tip’n’Measure Screen Clean is a premium, Albatross Marketing was briefed to design a label that would reflect the quality of the product’s contents. The Tip’n’Measure bottles are a proven success in the agrochemical industry but its use with this type of product is a first. The dual chamber, blow moulded HDPE bottle is supplied by Plysu.

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