Tamper evident self adhesive
material, which can be made into labels to provide protection against product contamination and warranty fraud, is available from Ritrama (UK) Limited.

Labels produced from Integuard acetate provide evidence of tampering due to the material’s brittle characteristics. The material contains a series of fractures and attempting to remove the label will result in fragments chipping away. This ‘chipping’ of the label ensures that any attempt at removal can be detected.

Integuard acetate labels are typically used to mark valuable equipment such as computer and hi-fi components, or to secure some sort of closure, such as those on drugs or confectionery packaging.

The physical properties of Integuard acetate demand a specialised manufacturing and conversion process, which has been perfected by Ritrama. The manufacturing process utilises low tension handling and precision cutting tools to avoid damaging the acetate, since even a damaged edge impairs the performance of the material.

Ritrama produce a range of application-specific high tack adhesives designed for use with Integuard acetate, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manchester based Ritrama (UK) is a member of a wholewide group of companies manufacturing self-adhesive materials for a wide variety of applications, including roll label conversions, point-of-sale and display, the graphic paper sheet market and vinyls for sign-making.

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