Labels play an important part in product related businesses as label is the first thing that the customer lays eyes on. First impressions always count, as it will leave an unforgettable mark on the customer. Therefore you need to ensure that your labels are attractive, striking and special to convince the customer to go ahead and make the purchase.

In order to obtain labels that can meet the high expectation and competition in the market you need to select an effective label printer that can produce the desired results. The method that you select for label printing should minimize your cost and time but the end results should be high on quality. Digital label printers are quite popular in the market and poses to be a much more better alternative compared to using the conventional label printer.

The traditional or conventional label printer requires a complex and tedious process where by you need to create the relevant printing plates, load it into the machine, mix the ink and ensure that the machine has been calibrated before printing. All this will take up precious time and will hike up the cost. There are four major advantages in using a digital label printer.

Since there is no need to create plates or spend time on the setup of the machine the labels can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than hours thus with a digital label printer the speed you want can be obtained. If you are having a retail business labels are important as they act as a promoter for that particular product. Digital printing has the ability to print in high resolution, vibrant colour thus making the labels more attractive. It can also print at 230-line screen compared to the conventional method, which can only print at 133 or 150-line screen.

Digital printing will help you maintain a better cash flow in your business by minimizing your cost; this is because there is no need to create plates for printing. Since the design and contents of the label will always keep changing all you need to do is submit the new artwork and the printing can commence immediately. This is not the case in a conventional printing method, as new plates have to be created each time the design changes and this is a waste of time and money.

“ Gang Running” is where you combine two or different printing jobs that are of the different designs into one single printing job. Digital printing allows you to have such a luxury of combining two or three printing jobs to become one single printing job as long as the size is the same. This is not possible in the conventional method, as each design needs a different plate for printing. You have the flexibility to print as many labels you want although each label may contain different data in it with digital printing. This could be viewed to be one of the most valuable advantages in using digital printing. It is clear that in todays demanding world digital printing is the best solution to meet the demands in label printing jobs.

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