Each of the several styles of barcode readers has a specific purpose as well as advantages and disadvantages. Basically there are four different types of barcode readers and several styles of barcode readers that employ the use of one of the four technologies behind the barcode readers. In this article we will review the least expensive of the bunch, pen style barcode readers along with the strengths and weaknesses of this particular model.

Pen-style barcode readers are the simplest design and also the least costly of all barcode readers. Pen barcode readers use a source of light and a photo diode paired together in the end of a wand or pen design. The diode in the barcode readers measures the amount of light reflected back from the barcode label. Pen barcode readers contain no moving parts, need almost no maintenance and thereby are known for their durability. These readers need to be manually run along the barcode label in order to read the code.

Since the pen-style barcode readers need to touch the labels, after time the labels can become smudged or damaged and eventually are rendered completely useless and require replacement. Pen style barcode readers also prove the most difficult to use since human hands are the ones directing the light source from the barcode readers. The pen-type barcode readers need to be held at just the right angle in order to effectively pick up the light reflected back from the barcode labels.

Once you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the pen-style barcode readers, you'll probably decide that they are only worth purchasing if keeping costs low is your main priority.

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