The label printer has one primary function that is to transfer the data form your computer to paper. There are basically two types of label printers; impact printer and the non-impact printer. Impact printer is where a part of the printer impacts the ink, ribbon and paper together. Non-impact printer is where no part of the printer comes into contact with the paper.

Label printers mostly consists of impact or thermal printers, these printers are simple and don’t require high tech connections like big computer printers. These printers use the heat to melt the ink to print on the paper. You can’t expect to obtain a fantastic or magnificent print results like an inkjet printer but the label printer is sufficient to carry out its one and only task of label printing.

There are so many types of printers in the market these days like the laser printer and inkjet printers, which are quite expensive but can deliver high quality prints. Some printers can also print directly onto CDs and DVDs. Although the label printer may seem to be a desirable option, it has one benefit that the other printers can’t offer.

Usually the label printer extracts data from your computer and prints it on paper but there is some printers that have a keyboard attached. The keyboard gives you the flexibility to surpass the computer and enter your own data into the printer. You will be able to enter and revise the data and save up to 99 characters. Other options that are available is that the text can be made into bold or italic.

Sometimes it can be troublesome to use the inkjet printer because you would have to ensure that the data is arranged carefully before printing. Label printers may seem to be less attractive compared to other printers but it is still a worthy asset to have.

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