The demand for self adhesive labels is endless, and fortunately, there are many online suppliers to accommodate every business owner’s requirements. There are a variety of materials, colours, and styles to choose from, as well. Self adhesive labels can be printed on plain paper, clear, glossy, and film, in addition to vinyl and polyester.

The matte bright white sheet of labels, guaranteed not to curl, comes with a high quality permanent adhesive that will not ooze when printed on either an inkjet or laser printer. These are very economical and are often used in mailing, CD labelling, and for general purposes. The white glossy sheets of labels have a top coat for durability and a 50 lb. liner. This type of glossy label should only be used on laser printers. However, there are other styles of white glossy labels that can be ordered for use on inkjet printers.

The self adhesive labels are durable and smudge proof, ensuring photo quality results. The adhesive is permanently affixed, and there is no problem with paper jams as the sheets of labels feed through. Other options in self adhesive labels are ones that can be printed on weatherproof materials such as polyester. These are often used for outdoor applications and are recommended for environmental durability. They are made with permanent, acrylic adhesive and are popular for labelling chemicals, drums, and other equipment used in harsh conditions. Self adhesive labels are not limited to plain white, however.

They also can be purchased in gold and silver metallic foil for laser printing only, and in pastel colours including green, blue, yellow, and pink for inkjet and laser printers. In addition, there are matte sheets of fluorescent labels in green, yellow, pink or magenta, and red to orange colours that can be used for both types of printing. Some business owners may prefer the simple, clear transparent labels, which are also available.

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