In the last decades, label application technology has advanced at an incredible pace. Corporations through out the world are always looking to reduce their costs; now companies have to compete with the entire planet so they need to be as efficient as possible. One of these areas is label application.

It may sound exaggerated to speak like that of label application, but the reality is that label application can become an interesting area for reducing costs. Imagine a label application company that prints millions of labels each month. If they manage to reduce as much as 10 cents in their label application process, they could save a hundreds of thousands with each passing month.

One of the latest fads in the label application industry is to gather information from costumers in order to determine what can be done in order to satisfy their label application needs. For example, a product may use a plastic label, but it is possible that the costumer wants to include a holographic image in it in order to stop counterfeit. That would require a special label application process.

Another interesting phenomenon in the label application industry in Europe has been its displacement to Eastern Europe, where label application costs are lower. That way, the companies that offer label application services can increase their margins without sacrificing their quality in label application.

What about the future of label application? A very interesting market for label application is RFID. Radio frequency identification is a technology in which an item emits a radio signal so it can be detected within a determined area. So, by applying RFID to label application technology, any supermarket can trace the location of a product.

Thus, it can charge it to the costumer once it leaves its installations. RFID and label application technology would eliminate the use of cashiers, saving millions to all kind of retail stores

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