were first introduced in America under the art of Lithography was the first commercial art. The purpose of the label has always remained the same that is to attract the attention of the customers. Orchard owners to draw attention to their fruits, vegetables and cigars crates first used the labels. Gum was used to stick the labels to the crates as at that time no one would have even heard about label printers. Pressure sensitive label, which was also known as the self-adhesive label, was the first label that was manufactured in the early 1930s. The label was made out of a blank paper surface with a coat of adhesive.

People started to indulge in label printing in the comfort of their own home with their very own label printer as soon as inkjet printers were invented. Sales for label printers for home based businesses were on the rise as the price of the inkjet printers and ink started to drop rapidly. Than templates for label printing was started to be included in the Microsoft Word and since computer was a common feature in almost all the households it became even more convenient for the public to download and print their own labels.

Laser printers made printing labels at home even easier as it paved the way for labels to be printed at a faster and cheaper rate with a higher clarity. This caused many home based business owners and retailers to purchase their own label printers so that they could cut down cost and print labels at home. Labels can also be purchased online directly from manufacturers, which will also reduce cost as the price will be much lesser and the labels can be printed at home by using a label printer.

The development of labels throughout the years has caused label printers to play a vital part in the healthy growth of home based businesses and other small scale businesses.

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