In the 1930s, R. Stanton Avery decided to improve on the idea of using paper to label items. This was the birth of self-adhesive labels. Adding a type of glue to the back of paper stock and then applying a liner over the adhesive created the first self-adhesive labels. Another name for these self-adhesive labels was pressure sensitive due to the technique used to line the back of early self-adhesive labels. Self-adhesive labels quickly became the industry standard for labelling product.

Fifty years later in the '80s, thanks in part to the invention of inkjet printers, people began to print their own self-adhesive labels. Initially only large and small businesses could afford the 3600 dollar price tag. It wasn't long before the price of printers started to fall and every business and household could afford to print their own self-adhesive labels. Software companies jumped on board by adding templates for self-adhesive labels to their popular to their word-processing programs.

Avery, the company founded by R. Stanton decades earlier, as the creator of self-adhesive labels was quick to manufacture standard sized sheets of self-adhesive labels for consumer use. Today the Avery website features hundreds of templates for use with their brand-name self-adhesive labels.

The introduction of the laser printer to the market only increased the ease and convenience of printing your own self-adhesive labels. Now self-adhesive labels can be printed faster, cheaper and with more clarity than ever before.

Despite the obvious advantages to printing your own self-adhesive labels, some consumers still choose to hire a professional custom printing company for their label needs. While professionally printed self-adhesive labels often look better than self printed, the price can be daunting for the average small business especially if the business is just starting out. With some sincere effort and the use of a good template it is possible to print your own self-adhesives labels to look as good as any custom job.

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