The best, most efficient, printed labels come from the more modern label converters, but there are a few different types of older label converters that perform the task quite well and fulfill most common requirements.

There are some label converters - thermal label converters – that use heat to create the labels in order to maximize the accuracy and production volume of the label converters. The only problem with this practical and relatively flawless process is that labels obtained with these label converters only have a year lifetime before the label starts to fade due to the fact it must be printed in thermal paper that is very susceptible to heat and sunlight. This is more than okay for companies that use label converters to create temporal tags or to do semi-annual inventories for example, but is definitively not okay for those that require their label converters to make tags that are required to last for twelve months or more. Thermal label converters are also highly recommended for printing and not only to be used as label converters. They can be used to make all sort of printed paper that is required to last for a brief period of time.

Thermal transfer is another kind of technology used by label converters and usually includes the ability to produce direct thermal printing too but can perform other operations. With this process the printed material stays clear and bold for much longer periods of time. This process is very important and useful by many companies that use label converters and require their labels to last for longer periods of time. The applications of label converters that use thermal transfer technology are not the same than the ones that label converters that use the direct thermal process have.

The thermal transfer process used by label converters is considered to be a permanent process but in practice labels printed by label converters need to be replaced every five years or so. This is recommended in order to avoid that the printed labels obtained from label converters fade. But the truth is that these label converters are pretty handy anyway.

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