Law in most countries around the world requires security labels and just by that reason security labels are therefore a must in most offices, warehouses and industrial companies. Security labels are very important and even if they not obliged, any conscious industrial company should use security labels on their infrastructure to protect both their personnel and any visitors that may visit their installations. Security labels are easy to obtain and to place, so there is little reason why a company may not place security labels on their installations.

Most security manuals pinpoint what type of security labels you may be requiring. There are a lot of different types of security labels, depending on the type of security issue being observed. The basic types of security labels that are common in most countries are Exit security labels, Fire-related security labels, Safety Zone security labels, No Smoking Sign security labels and Alarm security labels.

One of the most important things regarding security is properly signalling all exit areas, and security labels are perfect for that. Exit areas should be clearly signalled and free of any obstructions and other type of things that may cause accidents in case of an emergency. Beside that, security labels should clearly point the way people should follow in case of any type of emergency.

Alarms, fire extinguishing mechanisms and emergency lights should also be clearly marked according to common regulations and that is very easy to do using adequate security labels available in many different places. It is even possible for any company that counts with a good
label printer to print out their own security labels, but please observe that they have to be of good quality and have the capacity to withstand harsh climates. During security inspections security labels could also be checked and, if needed, they may be replaced.


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