The printed label trade has grown quite consistently, especially with the ability for people to print their own labels, not just from a computer-printer combination, but from a specialized label printer that only prints labels. There must be a strong need for a large number of labels to be produced for the label printers to become a necessary addition to the home office, but once that is realized, those who do need such a machine, can purchase one for a pretty affordable price. The printed label has seen an increase in its role as an efficient means of inventory, as well as product tracking, and the ability to produce a printed label, via these specialized printing units, is an advantage that small businesses cannot simply cast aside. Label printers are very efficient units that do resemble the more basic units that just print on paper, but are usually built for the specific task at hand. Due to the diversity of the printed label these days, there are many different processes for producing the printed label, along with many different designs, shapes, and colours, which can easily distinguish one company from another. Label printers are very high tech, and use a great deal of upper echelon technology to efficiently produce their labels.

One of the main ways that the label operates is the ability for it to use lasers in a way to guide the paper through the printer, while also deciphering where exactly to begin and stop the printing process, so there is no print overlap, or miscue, from the printer to the paper. The increase of such technology has seen a new era in the printed label, which has become more readily available to the mass population, even to those who may not operate their own business, but have hobbies that call for such niceties as the printed label.

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