For those of you who don’t have a clear idea on the purpose and utility of label applicators please take a minute or two to read this interesting article. Fortunately, understanding label applicators is very simple; the hard part is to understand its technology and why this technology has made various companies successful.

Label applicators are manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines used to place pre-printed self adhesive labels on many types of products. In other words, label applicators are used to accelerate the process of applying labels. That’s how organizations can save a lot of time and resources. By using label applicators, they will be able to reduce their costs, increase their profit and their efficiency.

Basic label applicators consist of three primary parts: a printer, or print engine, an applicator and a method to handle labels and ribbons; these are also referred to as media. Additionally, label applicators use numerous computer technologies to increase their power and efficiency.

As a matter of fact, some label applicators are using Radio-Frequency Identification (also known as RFID). RFID is like a typical barcode but with one advantage: it emits a radio signal through which you can locate the object anywhere inside the store.

It’s very important to mention that any company can acquire label applicators. There are label applicators of many types and designed for different necessities, starting from label applicators for basic packaging to label applicators for complex packaging.

Clear examples of companies that use label applicators are retailers. They have been using label applicators for decades. They even demand that their suppliers use determined label applicators for their products. If you want to see label applicators in action, you only need to go to your nearest supermarket and take a look at the guns that employees use. With these label applicators, they can label any product in the shelf.

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