Originally the label converter was a big machine, part of a specialized linear process. Additionally, a label converter needed a trained operator and a proper technical service to keep it working. A label converter was used either to provide services for many small businesses or as part of a bigger industrial operation. However, technology has brought a new kind of label converter. Now, anyone with a computer, a printer and the proper label converter software can enjoy the benefits of a “domestic” label converter.

This has developed as part of a growing need of the small business for independency. Previously they needed to request the service of a third party with a label converter to satisfy their needs. Now, with the logical limits of a home printer, they can have a label converter of their own to use it for quick, cheap, custom jobs. Of course ink costs and printing techniques make this kind of label converter limited if compared to huge industrial equipments. The ability to cope with the needs of the business is restricted to what the printer can do. Bigger jobs will need the use of an industrial sized label converter, but for everyday office work or a small operation, this new tool does the job quite well.

Current development has allowed small-sized labelling jobs to be easily done with this kind of label converter. A home business can benefit from a home printer set adapted to be used as a label converter. If a bigger job is needed, they can always rely on the big scale label converter services of a specialized business, or they can also buy an industrial-size label converter to do such tasks.

With the evolution of software and printers that has occurred these past few decades, a better, more versatile, label converter has reached the consumer market. This has put the label converter as another accessible tool for a market with ever-growing needs. Such changes have definitively changed the whole concept that embodied the traditional uses of a label converter in industry.


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