Barcode printers are another type of label printer that is widely used for the identification of products in grocery and departmental stores and for printing shipping labels. Barcodes is data that is stored in the form of parallel lines. The information contained in barcodes can only be read by a barcode scanner or by an optical scanner as the data contained in barcodes is only machine readable.

Label printers can produce up to three different types of barcodes such as linear barcodes, stacked barcodes and 2D barcodes that is a two dimensional way of representing information. The latest label printers can not only print lines in the barcode but can also include alphabetic characters in the barcodes as well.

The most interesting feature of label printers that print barcodes is that through these simple printed lines, it is giving you the ability to track and make fast and wise decisions. The detailed information in the barcodes allows you to view the sales history of each labelled product. So, with information fast selling products can be re-positioned to be placed in the best space to make more sales, slow moving products can be identified to prevent an unwanted stock build up. Therefore by using label printers to print barcodes, retailers today already have the keys to a successful business venture, all they need to do is to utilize this key with great care and thought.

The barcodes produced by label printers also aids in the prevention of shoplifting as shoplifters can’t easily change price tags between two items that are priced differently benefiting the retailer in terms of profit. Another instance where label printers are used to curb losses is in the transportation industry, where barcodes on the flight ticket is used to track customer’s luggage to avoid it from getting lost or stolen.

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