There are many different label printers and many different approaches to the business. You have specialty firms, generalists, cut-rate providers and high-end “boutique” producers. Regardless of the printer’s exact business model or specialty, however, one thing remains true. The best label printers offer great customer service.

Good label printers do not just let the customer fill out a form and wait for delivery. They take each order seriously and are available for advice and consultation. Top label printers are happy to discuss project specifics with clients and are readily available to offer suggestions or ideas.

The best label printers also make sure they give their client’s the best possible deal. Supply selection is a perfect example. Some providers are tied to only one particular supplier and may reflexively recommend the use of certain stock or adhesive to a customer, whether it is in his or her best interests or not. Truly spectacular label printers, on the other hand, will make a genuine effort to find the best possible supplies at the best possible price and are not beholden to any one supplier.

High quality label printers will never surprise you. They will show you a mock up of your label before it goes into production and will make sure you are completely comfortable with the design and composition of the label before rushing it into production.

Lesser label printers will cut corners when it comes to customer service. If you do not feel as though a particular printer is really listening to you or if you sense they may not be deeply interested in your needs, remember that there are many awesome label printers who make customer care a high priority.

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