Some may think of labelling in simple terms. Price tags, shipping labels, and file tabs may be all that comes to mind when the subject of label printing is raised. In reality, label printing is rapidly becoming a critical issue for many companies, and its significance will undoubtedly continue to escalate.

Of course, retailers have long relied on labels and will continue to do so. Price tags, “special” tags on products and even the labelling on shelf-space are important aspects of any successful retail operation. Label printing will remain a critical element of the retail industry.

Labels, however, are becoming increasingly important on the supplier’s end of the spectrum, too. Many industries have implemented, or are moving toward, strict guidelines for labels. Trade groups ranging from the automotive industry to the semiconductor market are demanding standardized labels. Label printing is not only a matter of marking a product for sale; it is a full-blown compliance issue for many companies. Errors in label printing can have a very negative effect on businesses.

In other areas, label printing is being more carefully regulated by government agencies. Food labelling, for instance, has changed dramatically over the last several years with several new requirements put into law. Those in highly regulated fields must track developments in the label printing industry quite carefully.

The continued reliance upon label printing in a retail environment, combined with rigorous compliance standards for labels is making the industry more important than it has ever been. Those who neglect label printing may be flirting with a potential business disaster. Labels are not a simple, relatively insignificant part of business--they can be a critical component of success.


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