If you are considering using third party label printers to meet your business needs, you might not have to look far to find a credible option. Major copy centres are now serving as label printers, and the arrangement may be workable for many buyers.

The process is relatively simple. You design your own labels using software consistent with the copy centres technology. The copy centre then prints your labels for you, allowing you to pick them up locally after a short turnaround time.

The advantage to using these “next door” label printers include convenience and personal control over the appearance of your labels. The quick turnaround is also handy when one needs his or her labels in a hurry. Some will also take comfort in knowing the label printers are local and readily accessible in the event any difficulties arise or if the final materials are somehow deficient.

There are, however, drawbacks to using local copy facilities in place of professional label printers. In many cases, the buyer may not want to be responsible for the design and would prefer that the labels be made by an experienced party with design talents and experience. The costs associated with this option can also be somewhat higher than one might experience had he or she used printers who specialise in generating labels. One can also usually obtain a more aesthetically pleasing label when dealing with a pro. Professional printers may take slightly longer to produce a final product, but with a little planning and foresight, the need for labels on a short deadline will be met.

Using the “neighbourhood” label printer may be attractive for some buyers. Under the right set of circumstances, it can be a viable alternative to using professional label printers. However, if one is committed to the best possible experience, the semi-self service strategy offered by major copy centres probably isn’t the best plan.

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