There are hundreds of mechanical options if you are looking for a label applicator. However, if your needs are relatively small and you have sufficient flexibility in terms of your personnel, you may want to rely upon the first label applicator anyone every used--a person!

True, using an employee for label application isn’t quite as “sexy” as relying upon the newest technology. It doesn’t give you another new shiny machine or the ability to handle millions of labels without any difficulties. It’s a decidedly low-tech solution best-suited only for those who label in low volume or have only occasional labelling needs.

Using a person to handle the label applicator role does have advantages. There is no significant up-front investment and very little chance of obsolescence. On the other hand, there are reliability issues, benefit and tax consideration and employee turnover to consider. Not to mention sick days, worker’s compensation, and all of the other unavoidable complications of having another employee on the payroll.

If you need to label products, you can either have someone slap your adhesives onto your product or packaging by hand, or you can invest in a high-quality label applicator machine. In most cases, the cost-savings of owning a good machine will make that a far more efficient decision than hiring someone to do the job. Only in the most unique of circumstances will a human label applicator make sense.

Unless you only label a few items once in awhile, you should find a solid label applicator to handle the job. Automation is so common because it is so effective! Only a few businesses will be able to make due using the oldest known type of label applicator!

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