Self-adhesive labels
are incredibly common. In fact, it is likely that we see more self-adhesive labels on any given day than we do any other label type. These “stickers” did not rise to a position of prominence accidentally. There are some very good reasons behind the ongoing popularity of self-adhesive labels. Let us look at a few of the reasons these labels are in such widespread use.


In many cases, people need a label they can remove easily. Not everyone wants a label to be affixed permanently. Although there are many permanent self-adhesive labels, this method of construction also allows manufacturers to produce labels that can be removed, replaced and repositioned easily.

Ease of Use

Although applying glue and stock as separate steps may be relatively speedy and easy in some industrial settings, self-adhesive stickers are far easier to use for smaller scale and ad hoc purposes. If you simply need to place a label on a file folder, for instance, the idea of applying glue and then a paper label seems remarkably inefficient. “Peel and stick” labels are far easier to use.


Two-part label application can be theoretically be done almost anywhere. In reality, however, the process only makes sense when several labels are to be applied to identical items in a designated spot. Otherwise, automated labelling devices must be abandoned and the laborious process must be done piecemeal. Self-adhesive labels, on the other hand, can be applied to any number of spots in any number of styles without retooling or reprogramming equipment. Again, this is primarily true in lower-volume situations.

Factors like removability, ease of use and flexibility provide us with a strong idea of why self-adhesive labels enjoy widespread popularity.


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